Quarterly report pursuant to Section 13 or 15(d)

Income Taxes

Income Taxes
9 Months Ended
Sep. 30, 2021
Income Tax Disclosure [Abstract]  
Income Taxes

Note 13. Income Taxes

The Company recognizes deferred tax assets and liabilities for the expected future tax consequences of events that have been included in the Company’s condensed consolidated financial statements and tax returns. Deferred tax assets and liabilities are determined based upon the differences between the consolidated financial statements carrying amounts and the tax bases of existing assets and liabilities and for loss and credit carryforwards, using enacted tax rates expected to be in effect in the years in which the differences are expected to reverse. Deferred tax assets are reduced by a valuation allowance if it is more likely than not that these assets may not be realized. The Company recognized a de minimis tax expense due to small state refunds and extension filings in some U.S. states during the three and nine months ended September 30, 2021 and 2020.

The Company provides reserves for potential payments of taxes to various tax authorities related to uncertain tax positions. Amounts recognized are based on a determination of whether a tax benefit taken by the Company in its tax filings or positions is “more likely than not” to be sustained on audit. The amount recognized is equal to the largest amount that is more than 50% likely to be sustained. Interest and penalties associated with uncertain tax positions are recorded as a component of income tax expense. As of September 30, 2021 and December 31, 2020, the Company’s uncertain tax positions are not material and would not impact the effective tax rate if recognized as a result of the valuation allowance maintained against the Company’s net deferred tax assets.

The Company has evaluated the positive and negative evidence bearing upon the realizability of its deferred tax assets, which are primarily comprised of net operating loss carryforwards and capitalized research and development costs at December 31, 2020. Since its inception, the Company has not recorded any income tax benefits for the net losses incurred or for the research and

development tax credits earned in each year and interim period, as the Company believes, based upon the weight of available evidence, that it is more likely than not that all of its net operating loss carryforwards and tax credit carryforwards will not be realized. Management has determined that it is more likely than not that the Company will not recognize the benefits of federal and state deferred tax assets and, as a result, a full valuation allowance has been established at December 31, 2020. There is no material adjustment to the valuation allowance at September 30, 2021.